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AS2 is a supported method for integrating with Dsco and Dsco maintains many different AS2 connections for different trading partners. Occasionally, Dsco will detect errors when attempting to send AS2 files to a remote server. In this case, Dsco will notify the account of the issue and provide a method for the account to resend those orders from Dsco. Follow the steps outlined below to resend failed files over an AS2 connection.

Resend the failed files

As soon as Dsco detects that there has been a failure sending AS2 files to a remote server, the Dsco account is notified so that action can be taken to resend those files from Dsco. The Dsco account will receive a notification email, which will include a link that can be used to resend the failed files. 

Follow these steps to resend the failed files:

Step 1: Select the link in the email notification you received. The link should take you to the history for that process.

Step 2: Note the blue "... AS2 file(s) were handled as part of this process " in the middle of the screen. A red box indicating the number of failures will be included for any process that failed to successfully send the files. Click the VIEW THE LIST button to view the list of failed files.

Step 3: On the next page, locate the file you wish to resend and then click the RE-SEND FILE button. 

Step 4: A message will be displayed along the top of the screen noting that your file is being resent. Refresh the screen after waiting a few minutes to make sure that you see a success entry in the Status column.

At this point you should be able to check your AS2 server and verify that the file has been received. After selecting the Re-send File button, if you see another failure in the Status column, please reach out to Dsco Support at 

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