• Export Packing Slips Alongside Order Exports. Dsco has added an option to automated order export jobs that, when enabled, will generate the packing slip PDF file for all orders being exported at that time with the PDF file being deposited in the same location as the export source configured on the job. Dsco portal users may also download orders and packing slips together, with the system generating a ZIP file containing both the order file and the PDF in one download.
  • Improved Order Line-Item Change History. Dsco now tracks changes to orders at a more granular level, especially for line-item quantity level cancellations.
  • Improved User Login Authentication. Improvements have been made to the session information stored when a user logs into the Dsco portal.


  • Invoice Search Bug Fixed. An issue where some invoices were not visible through the Dsco portal, even though they did exist, has been fixed. 
  • Fix to Ship-To Address in Invoice Import. This fixes a bug where some ship-to address information was not showing properly within the Dsco portal.
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