WHO THIS AFFECTS: Any trading partner on Dsco with more than several thousand SKUs in their Dsco inventory. 

Starting Thursday, October 26th, 2017, Dsco will be implementing some new changes to the inventory search in the Dsco portal. Moving forward, for accounts with several thousand SKUs or more, Dsco will return an approximate count of those SKUs. The word "approx" will also be added next to the count to indicate that the total count is not intended to be completely accurate.

If the search result has a few thousand or less items, the total account will be accurate. However, a total count above several thousand SKUs will only be shown as an approximate number. This change is being made to increase the speed of searching for inventory in Dsco.

Change Details

Two changes will be made to the INVENTORY page:

Change #1: The total count of inventory underneath the "Inventory" header will show an approximate count of inventory in the Dsco account. The inventory count should be accurate when trading partners have only a couple thousand SKUs. However, the total count will be an approximation when the number of SKUs is more than just a few thousand.

Change #2: The grey and white Download ALL Results button will no longer display a count of the number of results that would be downloaded when clicking that button. Instead, Download All Results will be the only text on that button.


The result of these changes will be dramatic speed improvements when searching for inventory. Our testing has shown that on average, inventory search results should be returned about 400% faster. All trading partners will also still have access to their complete inventory and be able to search their inventory just as before. 

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