Of course, no supplier ever wants to cancel an order. But in the event that an order needs to be cancelled for one of a myriad of reasons, use this quick guide to download the order cancellation CSV template and then upload the data through the Dsco portal. This method is the easiest way to cancel several orders at once.

FYI: Go here for more information on cancelling orders directly in the portal.

Instead of reading this documentation article, if you'd prefer to see a walkthrough of this feature directly in the platform then click this link: Cancel an Order

Download the order cancellation template

Step 1: Click the navigation menu, then click Workflows > Orders > All Orders.

Step 2: Click the grey and white UPLOAD FILE button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Step 3: Click the DOWNLOAD ORDER CANCEL EXCEL TEMPLATE button to download the template to your computer.
Once you have the template downloaded, populate all necessary columns. The only column required is po_number. 

NOTE: It is important that you contact your retail partner to confirm which additional fields they may require. Your cancellation import attempt may fail if fields they require are missing from your file. 

Upload the file

To upload your completed file, go back to the same page from which you downloaded the template: https://app.dsco.io/orders/upload/subsection/all. Select the File Type, find the saved file on your computer, and click the CANCEL button. 

Possible file types are:

  • .XLS format
  • .XLSX format
  • .CSV format (i.e. Comma-separated values)
  • .TAB format (i.e. Tab-separated values)

Your file will be uploaded and processed. 

Checking the status of the upload

To check the status of your upload, go to the HISTORY page: https://app.dsco.io/automation/history. Additionally, you can go here for more in depth information on checking your job history. 

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