• New Feature. Dsco is releasing the ability to set up an automated file-exchange job in which the format of the export is based on Dsco's Inventory API object. One Inventory JSON object will be present per line within the file.
  • Improved Inventory Search Page Loads. Dsco has optimized the Inventory search pages to ensure that they load faster.
  • Improved Dsco EDI Import Speeds. Dsco has optimized the import of Dsco EDI documents, especially when Inventory data is provided.


  • Bug Fixed for Deleted Items Showing in Search. A bug is being rectified where deleted items were showing up in the inventory search if the item happened to be part of a product group.
  • EDI 870 Proxy Import Bug. A bug related to a Proxy importing Dsco EDI 870 data, in which the associate_id wasn't being translated properly, is now remedied.
  • Dsco EDI 810 Freight Bug. A bug related to determining the presence of a decimal or whether the data has an implied decimal has been updated to ensure proper detection of the values provided within the Dsco EDI 810 document.
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