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CommerceHub provides a number of options for you to manage and share invoice data with your trading partners. You can add and upload invoices via the web portal or via inventory spreadsheets, flat-file formats, or API. Even if you regularly send EDI or Excel files to CommereHub  to submit invoices, you can still use the web portal to manually edit a few items as necessary.

To learn more about the available invoice options, see Invoice Options for Suppliers.

Step 1:  Click the Navigation icon and select Workflows  > Invoices. The Invoices page is displayed with a list of all your invoices.

Step 2: You can:

  • Filter the list of invoices. Use the filter options on the left to adjust the list to invoices within a date range or for a specific retailer partner.
  • Customize which columns are displayed. Click the options menu and select from the available options. You may also rearrange how the columns are displayed by dragging and dropping the options into the desired order.
  • View details about a specific invoice. Click the invoice ID to view more details.
  • Download the list of invoices. Click Download All Results to export the list to the desired file type.
  • Create a new invoice.
  • Upload multiple invoices.
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