• Enforcement of UPC/EAN/GTIN/ISBN Fields. Dsco now rejects updates to items where the UPC/EAN/GTIN/ISBN fields do not adhere to the new rules. Also, all items found that violate these rules are now discontinued and the supplier must update their data appropriately. Dsco has been notifying suppliers of any problems over the past several weeks. See our support documentation for details regarding the new rules, how Dsco will enforce them, and how to rectify any violations.
  • New Cancelled Order Email Notification for Suppliers. Dsco will now send an email to the supplier when their retailer cancels an order that has not met certain order SLAs or when the order is cancelled prior to the order being exported or retrieved by the supplier.
  • Include Hidden Items in Retailer Exports for Seven Days. Items updated to hidden status will be included in retailer exports for seven days with the status and quantity information set to discontinued and zero respectively.


  • DSCO EDI 810 SAC05 Bug. Logic used to determine if SAC05 includes an implied or explicit decimal has been updated to ensure proper detection. 
  • Inventory Search Shows Incorrect Quantity Information for Hidden Items. After release, the correct quantity information found on hidden items will show properly within the INVENTORY search page in the Dsco portal.
  • Improved Invoice Line-Item Quantity Validation. After release, Dsco will properly validate that the quantities being invoiced are available to be invoiced. Dsco checks the quantity that was shipped and the quantity already invoiced and ensures only the remaining quantity can be invoiced.
  • Improved Account Status Logging. After release, Dsco will add notes to a trading partner's history whenever their status changes. Specifically, a note will be added when a supplier is paused or unpaused.
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