Webinar Details

The Dsco team is excited to announce the start of a platform webinar series. Beginning on Friday, February 3rd, Dsco will be hosting live customer webinars to highlight platform features, tips, and best practices. The webinars are open for anyone to join and will be recorded for later access. Sign up by going to http://info.dsco.io/weekly-dropshipping-webinar, after which you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the webinar.

Topics and Format

Each webinar will last between 30-60 minutes and cover various topics. Possible topics include:

  • Getting Started with Dsco
  • Technical Questions
  • New Product Features
  • Tips for how to maximize your use of Dsco

A Q/A session will be included toward the end of each webinar. Please send your questions to support@dsco.io and the presenter will respond to each as time permits. 

Accessing Past Webinars

All past webinars will be uploaded and available online through the Dsco support portal. Go here to access those past webinars. 

Join the Dsco Party

Haven't joined the Dsco party yet? Learn more about the Dsco platform and how Dsco can help you grow your drop shipping business by sending an email to thorin.oakenshield@dsco.io or by going to https://dsco.io.

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