• Strict Order Status Enforcement. After release, Dsco will enforce proper order status flow in two ways: 
    1. Orders (and items within orders) may not be cancelled after they have been shipped. 
    2. Orders (and items within orders) may not be shipped after they have been cancelled.
  • Retailer Updates for Hidden Items. After release, API webhooks will send an update to retailers when a previously-viewable item is updated to "hidden" status by the supplier. This update will inform the retailer that the item is now discontinued.


  • Dsco EDI 856 DTM01 Qualifier Validation. 011 is the only acceptable value but others were getting through the validation. After release, only 011 will be allowed and all other qualifiers will be ignored.
  • Tweaks to Carrier Detection within New Shipping Data. A bug has been fixed that affects a small number of shipments where the system was unable to detect the carrier of the shipment based on data provided by the supplier.
  • Better Handling of Missing Invoice Details. After release, Dsco will better validate required line-item information within invoice details. Specifically: a SKU, Unit Price and Quantity are all required if line item information is provided.
  • Better Order Import Validation. After release, orders will be rejected if invalid item quantities are provided.
  • Better API Authentication. After release, if a client provides an invalid API token, the system will not respond with a generic error.
  • Inventory API Webhook Account Status. Fixes an issue where webhooks were not sent after certain changes were made to trading partner connection status. Ensures that API webhooks are sent or not sent at the appropriate times based on the current status of the trading partner connection between the retailer and the inventory they have access to through their suppliers.
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