• Ability to Create Item Inventory via API. Prior to release, the API only allowed suppliers to update existing items. After release, suppliers can create items as well.
  • Custom Job Scheduling Added to Job Wizard. Prior to release, customers were allowed to set up job schedules according to just a few pre-defined options, such as hourly or daily. After release, a new custom option is available that allows advanced users to create a schedule based on "CRON" formatting which allows for greater scheduling control.


  • Fix within Supplier "New Orders" Page. Fixes an issue where the "Upload Shipment" button took the user to a page to upload new order data rather than shipment data.
  • Fix to Warehouse Quantity Information Within API. Fixes an issue where the quantity information for inventory warehouses was returning as NULL rather than the correct value.
  • Fix to Handling and Freight Amounts via Dsco 810 Invoice EDI Import. Fixes an issue where the handling_amount and freight_amount were not being saved properly.


  • UPC/EAN Enforcement Report. Dsco will soon be enforcing UPC and EAN uniqueness within Supplier accounts as well as proper formatting of the UPC and EAN values. When that occurs, it will no longer be possible to create two separate and distinct inventory items with the same UPC or EAN in a single Dsco account, or to upload a UPC/EAN without the proper number of characters and type(s) or characters. We have deployed a pre-emptive update to identify which suppliers currently have issues related to UPC/EAN uniqueness and format so that we may reach out to them to rectify those issues before we deploy the enforcement update.
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