• Some Order Cancellations/Shipment Updates/Invoices not Exported. A small number of order cancellations, shipment updates and invoices were not exported when certain jobs were configured to export "changes only." The bug was identified as an indexing issue within the database cluster and was rectified by changing the index used for those queries.
  • Dsco EDI 850 Export Issue With PO101 Wegment. The PO101 segment was incrementing by 2 for each line item. This was fixed so that it increments by one.
  • Missing Orders when Exporting via Dsco Portal. An issue was identified that omitted certain orders from exports initiated via the Dsco Portal if those orders had been recently updated. The export was updated to ensure that all orders seen via the portal when initiating the export will be included in the export, regardless of whether those orders were updated recently or not.
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