• New Trading Partner Search. After release, the Trading Partner search will respond faster and will support searches of two or more characters in length.
  • New File Export Option to Export Only Cancelled Orders. After release, customers can set up an automated export that will include only the orders and items within those orders that have been cancelled. All other orders will be omitted from the export.
  • Dsco 810 TDS01 Segment Updated to X12 Standard. The TDS01 segment can now accept standard X12 values as well as values with decimals.
  • Orders in a "Final State" Cannot be Changed Via the Dsco Portal. After release, any order that is in "shipped" or "cancelled" status will not be allowed to be changed to a different status. If required, please contact Dsco Support for assistance.
  • Product and Catalog Updates Can Now Export More Than Three Key/Value Pairs. An option will be visible within the job wizard that will allow users to set the number of key/value pair columns to the value of their liking instead of simply getting the default number of three. 
  • Improved Validation When Importing Orders Using a Trading Partner ID. After release, if a Trading Partner ID is specified within the order and the specified SKU is not located within the given Trading Partner ID's account, the order will be rejected. Previously, if the Trading Partner ID could not be located, Dsco would attempt to locate the item without it.
  • Failed Batch Imports Will Automatically Retry. After release, if a batch that is being imported via Dsco's SFTP/FTP server fails completely, Dsco will automatically move the batch back into the original folder so that it can be processed again if needed.


  • Line-Item Invoice Sub-Total Calculation Fix. After release, the sub-total of all line-items on an invoice should be calculated properly.
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