• Improved Shipment Tracking. This update implements a sizeable increase in the amount of data Dsco is collecting regarding the physical progress and details of a given shipment as provided by suppliers. Dsco now tracks the status of the shipment as provided by the carrier in order to provide reports regarding supplier order-shipping performance and whether shipments are received on time.
  • Improved Invoice Search. Invoice searching speed has been improved.
  • Improved Invoice Export Speed. Invoice exports are optimized to export faster.
  • Large Dataset Download Disabled. When a search within the portal returns 100,000 or more items, the Download button will be removed. If a download is required for a large dataset, the user will need to utilize the AUTOMATION page to set up an export job that can export the dataset as a file to their FTP account. This resolves issues where the browser doesn't allow for the download to finish because the download takes a long time to complete.


  • Fixed Analytics Page When Using Internet Explorer. We have fixed the ANALYTICS page so that it displays the analytics when IE is used. Other browsers were not affected by this bug.
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