• New Date/Time Variables for Use Within export_source. With these new variables, Dsco users have more control over how date and timestamps within the exported file names are formatted.
  • Force Shipment Entry Within Portal to set Carrier/Method. Prior to this change, it was possible to add a tracking number to an order without a Carrier or Method being set. This change requires that a Carrier and Method be selected before the tracking number will be saved.
  • Trading Partner Page Updates. Dsco Integration Type is now visible for each Trading Partner. Options to hide certain columns are also available.
  • Improved Portal Page Load Speeds. This change implements more optimized caching of all Trading Partner connections so that Trading Partner, Inventory, Order and Invoice pages will load faster.


  • SFTP Import Bug for Certain Retailer Accounts. Fix to automated jobs that connect to external SFTP servers. Dsco has updated its SFTP libraries to ensure proper SFTP connectivity for all SFTP connections.
  • SFTP Archiving Bug. Fix to archival of downloaded files via Dsco's SFTP server. A bug was found that prevented archival of some files after they had been downloaded via SFTP. This particular issue was encountered when the client downloaded many files or opened the SFTP connection for long periods of time. In those cases, the system was unable to detect the downloads properly and then archive those files. After release, the SFTP server will better keep track of the downloads and will archive downloaded files much more reliably.
  • Translate Step Bug. Fix to standard DropShip Commerce catalog exports where custom field settings are used. A bug in gathering the hidden fields set on a DropShip Commerce account caused some exports to include more fields in their catalog exports than were expected.
  • DSCO EDI 810 Import Bug for Line Item Promotional Data. This fixes a bug that caused line item promotional data to not save properly during the import process.
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