Brands truly harness the power of the Dsco platform when they choose to integrate with multiple retailers through our system. The Dsco assortment feature can help manage this one-to-many integration model. Assortments allow brands to segregate inventory and only share specific items with specific retailers. For instance, a brand may have a one assortment for major retailers and a speciality assortment for smaller retailers. The assortment feature allows you to pass only designated items to your retail trading partner. 

The assortment feature in Dsco works well with the Dsco pricing tiers feature. Creating pricing tiers allows you to set various pricing tiers for each item and share only one of those pricing tiers with your retailer partners. Go here for more information on that feature. 

Creating the Assortment

Dsco Portal

Follow these steps to use the Dsco assortment feature:

Step 1: Go to the INVENTORY page in Dsco ( and click the sign next to Assortments on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Add a name for the assortment and click Submit

Step 3: Back on the main inventory page, scroll through the list of inventory and select each item to add to the new assortment. Once each item has been selected, select the Bulk Actions drop-down and then Add to Assortment

Step 4: On the next page, choose the assortment to which the new items should be added. 

Spreadsheet Upload

Similar to creating the assortment directly in the Dsco portal, assortments can also be created by uploading a spreadsheet. Just download the catalog template from this page (, add the appropriate assortment name to the assortments column on the spreadsheet, and then re-upload the catalog file here: Use the "^^" convention shown below to add the item to multiple assortments. 

Sharing a Assortment with a Trading Partner

Once you've created your assortments, go to the TRADING PARTNERS ( page and select the Settings icon for a trading partner. This will bring up the PARTNER CONFIGURATION page, where you can assign a specific assortment to the retailer. Use the Visible Inventory Assortments section to select which assortment to share with the trading partner. As the supplier, you will always have access to all of your inventory in your Dsco portal. Your retail partners will only have access to items included in the shared assortment. 

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