Use this API to remove an assortment from the Dsco Platform.

 The Delete Assortment API documents the API's URL, it's arguments/return values and how to interact with it (GET, POST, PUT, etc.) in the Dsco Interactive Playground.

Input Attributes

Pass in the assortmentId that identifies the Assortment that you would like to delete.  The assortmentId attribute is included as part of the assortment object returned when an assortment is created.

Note that you may not delete an assortment if it's been marked as the master via the master attribute - you must first mark another assortment as master before deleting it in this case (if you try the API will throw an error).  If the assortment to be deleted can't be found the API will throw an error.

All items are removed from the assortment before it is deleted as a side effect.


The Delete Assortment API does not return any data from this API.

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