Use this API to update an assortment in the Dsco Platform.

 The Update Assortment API documents the API's URL, it's arguments/return values and how to interact with it (GET, POST, PUT, etc.) in the Dsco Interactive Playground.

Input Assortment JSON Object

Pass an instance of the Assortment JSON Object as the body of the http request and the assortment will be updated.  Note that the assortment object will need to include the assortmentId that uniquely identifies the assortment or the special "__MASTER__" assortmentId to indicate you want to update the master assortment.  The assortmentId attribute is included as part of the assortment object returned when an assortment is created.

Note that if you update the assortment's master attribute to true, then this assortment will become the master assortment and any existing master assortment will stop being the master.  

The API will throw an error if the assortment to be updated can't be found or if the name isn't unique or if this assortment is currently the "master" and its "master" flag has is missing or set to false (make another assortment the master which will automatically remove the master flag from this assortment).


The Update Assortment API does not return any data from this API.

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