• Update Dsco CSV Inventory Export to Use JSON and PHP, Instead of Clover, to Increase the Speed of the Exports. In an effort to provide timely inventory updates to retailers with large amounts of items available to them, Dsco has added a new inventory export in CSV format which is designed to export much faster than the previous format. This new format will be documented in the near feature with other delimiters being made available in coming months. 
  • Item Export Wpeed. Speed improvements in all inventory/product/catalog exports.
  • Files Missing From Process. Adds validation to imports to ensure that all files that are being imported are completely processed.


  • EAN Not Being Included in 810 Export. This fixes a bug that affects certain invoices, 2016 and earlier, in which items with an EAN were not being exported to certain retailers.
  • Inventory Notifications Bug. This fixes a bug that caused the inventory notification option within Retailer account settings to not saving properly.
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