• Update Certain Product Import Clover Graphs to Use the New Estimated Ship Cost Information. This replaces the calculations we were doing based on weight and cost.
  • Always Include Discount Details in 810 Exports for Certain Suppliers, Regardless of the Terms Type Code.
  • Don't Allow Nordstrom 846 Imports of Duplicate SKU Data. If a supplier provides two inventory updates in the same process, Dsco will now ignore the inventory update and issue a warning stating that we can't process more than one 846 file at a time.
  • Update to Certain 850 Import Functional Acknowledgments. The 997 generated in response to certain incoming 850 files now utilizes the sender/receiver IDs that were passed to us, rather than utilizing those found on the job parameters.
  • Enforce Two-Character State Name Code Within any EDI 850 Export. Prior to release, the Dsco Platform would export EDI ship-to state names exactly as they were provided by the retailer, even if that ship-to state wasn't a two-character code. After release, the state name will be converted to the two-character state code for all EDI exports regardless of the EDI specifications being used.
  • Enable Invoicing for All Dsco Accounts. Previously this was an optional paid feature.
  • Item Export Query Improvements. Improves certain exports by optimizing the database queries when pulling inventory information needed to export. This only affects JSON related inventory/product/catalog exports.
  • Support Custom HTTP Headers on Webhooks. This is a new API webhook feature that allows the client setting the webhook to set custom HTTP headers that Dsco will send within the webhook for improved security.
  • Use Memory Cache for API Auth Lookup. Improves the speed in which the API can process each API call by caching the authentication information.
  • Allow Webhooks to Filter by Assortment With Child Webhooks. Upon release, this allows API clients to set up inventory-related webhooks that would only send webhooks on items that updated and which are found in a given assortment.


  • Fix Issue With expected_cost on Order Webhooks. Fixed bug where order webhooks contained a NULL value for expected_cost yet the same object via an API GET command returned the correct value.
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