• Connecting With Multiple Trading Partners on the Dsco Platform. Users with an existing account who accept an invitation to connect with a new trading partner will be prompted to subscribe to Dsco. Subscribing will be mandatory for all users wishing to use a single account to connect to multiple trading partners. If the user does not become a subscriber, it will be necessary to create a completely new and separate account each time the user wishes to connect to a new trading partner.
  • Inventory Reporting. Prior to release, order auto-decrementation resulted in inventory items being updated as though done by the supplier, making it impossible to detect who actually updated the inventory. This update allows Dsco to provide better inventory performance reporting moving forward. 


  • Ensure Correct Shipping Service Level Codes are Exported for Nordstrom EDI Spec 850s. The EDI 850 export mappings for Nordstrom EDI Spec will attempt to map all shipping codes to the spec codes. The export process will only send through non-spec SLCs if an unknown mapping is received when the 850 is imported to Dsco.
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  • Hello,
    How can I combine 2 trading partners in a single account?
    ex, Nordstrom, and NRHL in one account.
    Thank you!

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