• User Department Added to User Object. Users are now required to set their "department" when creating or updating their user settings. 
  • Force User Password Strength. To improve security, users must now set more complex passwords.
  • Session Save/Expiration. When the "Remember me" option is selected upon login, the user session will last longer.
  • Update to certain retailers' 846 export logic. This update affects how quantities are exported from the affected retailers' accounts, based on new logic for the SKU and UPC/EAN.
  • Default the Invoice ID to the PO Number. Prior to release, when a supplier created an invoice through the portal, the Invoice ID field was empty. After release, the Invoice ID will be pre-populated with the PO Number of the order and then the Invoice ID can be changed if needed.
  • Update to Order Exports for certain Suppliers. The affected supplier accounts needed order exports to provide shipping codes for each trading partner.
  • Gandalf Updates. Retailers will no longer be able to "start" a connection until the supplier has completed Gandalf. Fixed a bug where the system wasn't allowing a quantity of 2 when validating inventory. More helpful guidelines added to Gandalf on a partner-specific basis.
  • Cancelled Order Doesn't Show Items as Cancelled via API. If an order is cancelled or shipped at the order level (without line items being updated), the system will populate the appropriate item status to all line items on the order.


  • Isolated 850 Export Issue. Fixes an issue with Dsco's EDI 850 export where the dsco_retailer_id was not being exported properly for certain accounts.
  • Isolated 850 Export Issue. Fixed a bug where orders with a NULL ship_address_2 field were not being exported via certain EDI 850 order export mapping.
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