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CommerceHub provides a way for you to easily view a list of your retailer trading partners. From this page you can view your status with each partner, drill down to see partner details (for example, contact details), and adjust configuration settings.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Partners > Trading Partners. The Trading Partners page is displayed.

Step 2: Use the filter options on the left to adjust the list of retailers based on the available options.

Available options
Partner Status
  • Active - Connection is onboarded and active.
  • Awaiting Activation - Supplier has completed channel onboarding. The retailer must activate the supplier’s connection.
  • Onboarding - Supplier is in the process of channel onboarding.
  • Paused - Connection is onboarded, and has been paused by the retailer. To view disconnected partners, click the checkbox below the drop-down menu.
Go-Live Goal Enter the desired start and end dates.
Select from the available connection types.

Step 3: From this page you can:

  • See additional partner details by clicking the partner’s name.
  • See the history of any scheduled actions for that trading partner connection by clicking on the three horizontal dots.
  • If you are onboarding with a partner, continue with the onboarding tasks by clicking Continue.
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